Monday, January 7, 2008


What a mess! Walls had to be taken down, carpeting ripped up, the ceiling repaired, lighting added and everything painted! Pratico's was in a hurry to open in their new location so they took what they wanted a pretty much left everything else - which was good that's how we have the couch an chair in the front area. But it did make for a lot of work!

Here's Bob laying the new flooring (that was after ripping out the carpeting and putting in new sub-flooring) I really can't give my husband much grief when he bugs me for the next fifty years or so because he really pushed himself getting the store in shape.. He'd work from 6am to 2:30 at his union job then be at the store from 3pm to 9 or 10 at night. The man lost at least 20lbs in sweat alone!

Oh yeah, and part of the time he worked injured - Here's Dr. Steve removing stitches from his dad's arm. I love those phone calls - "hey hon, won't be coming by the store this afternoon - on my to the ER, gonna need some stitches" Being married for almost thirty years to a guy in construction - you'd think I'd get used to them--not.

Here's Bob and Joe as they were painting the store - the fog is actually paint mist as they were using a sprayer. I had the fun job of cleaning the mirrors, windows and doors of all the drips and speckles!

Here's Bob checking out our nice pristine area! Look at all that space!

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