Monday, January 7, 2008


Booktrader of Hamilton has been serving the area's reading needs since approximately 1984. The store was originally located at Flock and Quakerbridge Rds. They sold used paperbacks and new books at a discount. The credit and trade-in policy the first owners developed is pretty much what we use today. The store has seen several different owners, all of whom have had different reasons for buying the store but who have all shared a love of books and reading.
Donna Benson - who I bought the store from, moved the store from Quakerbridge & Flock to 2402 Nottingham Way, when the strip center doubled her rent.

When she was setting up at her new address, she had quite a catastrophe happen. She had almost all the metal racks she was using as shelving, set up when they collapsed like dominoes! Luckily no one was hurt and she was able to find someone to come out and build a support system for the racks.
My purchase of the store was pure serendipity. I was a longtime if occasional customer and happened to be walking into the store when Donna posted a sign advertising the business for sale. I told her it would be my dream come true to own the store but as my husband doesn't share my love of reading, I didn't think it could happen. She convinced me to discuss it with him anyway and much to my complete surprise and pleasure Bob (said husband)thought it would be a good investment! So here I am :-) I have expanded the inventory and since this is my full time job (unlike Donna who was a librarian and only had the store open on the weekends) I have expanded the hours too. With the move to our larger location at 2421 Nottingham Way - I hope to expand our inventory and services a bit more. In the future as we continue to grow, we hope to hire part time help and expand the store hours more.

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